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Gotta Make That Train

Zac Entertainment Group & Day and Night Productions

Tivoli Theatre, Dublin

Written by: Simon Macallum & Ronnie McCann

Music by: Ian Bustard & Noella Brennan


Morgan C Jones: Fred

Noella Brennan: Maria

Sophie Meade: Caoimhe

Laura Brennan: Sam

Grace Dunne: Kitty

Ian Bustard: Johnnie

Vincent Moran: Adam


Director: Ronnie McCann

Choreographer: Laura McDonagh

Stage Manager: Laura Conlon

Musical Directors: Ian Bustard & Noella Brennan

Band: Simon Farrell, Gavin Povey & Donal Bowens

Ensemble: Shane Ward, Tarik Shebani, Kerry Golding & Sarah Gannon

Gotta Make That Train - Starring Sandy Kelly

Johnny and Maria’s life was like their hit songs – perfectly in tune but times have changed and the picture perfect duet are now fighting to get back on track.

Can they become the dynamic duo they were once again and find perfect harmony in their home? Can Sandy through her beautiful use of words and songs help save them? This story set in a rundown Dublin bar sees wild and wonderful characters struggle with the ups and downs of life but in true Irish fashion they do so with a bucket of humour even in the most trying of circumstances. 


With an outstanding original score by BAFTA award winner Ian Bustard and Noella Brennan “Gotta make that train” gives a warm and affectionate look at good people trying to stop falling into bad.

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